HOME COOKIN’ is now available

Who wants some of Nancy’s HOME COOKIN’?

It gives me great pleasure to finally be able to show you “HOME COOKIN’” in all of its gruesome, witchy glory. Tweeterhead’s labor of love, and a kit that has gone from a modest base to a huge diorama with 125 pieces, has taken well over a year and a half to get to the finish line!!

HOME COOKIN’ was sculpted mainly by Jeff Yagher with additional parts being done by Mike Cusanelli of Solarwind fame. Every piece has been researched and is either from a piece of art, book on Witchcraft, or actual items housed in the Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle, England.

The pictures you see here and on my site are of the painted piece by the amazing David Fisher. The paint job he delivered is beyond amazing and I think some of his very best work.  For every detail I thought I added, he embellished even more!

When you’re on the HOME COOKIN’ page, please take a minute to read the “Making of” scroll, the “Story of Nancy” scroll, and David Fisher’s Amazing Figure Modeler article featuring Nancy and Home Cookin”

If you’re interested in HOME COOKIN’, please don’t wait. It is intended to be a very limited release!